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We take a thoughtful approach to training by offering a comprehensive choice of self-led courses covering a wide range of accessibility topics so you can choose exactly the right training for your teams - no matter if they're new to accessibility or want to enhance their existing skills.

Our self-led courses are designed to help your teams make accessibility part of everything they do. Each course includes videos, interactive exercises, and knowledge quizzes, creating an engaging and informative learning experience.

TetraLogical has designed and delivered a number of self-led training courses for us at CIPD. The courses cover all areas of accessibility, designed for various teams with different areas of focus...The courses help us to onboard new staff and re-fresh the skills of people across our organisation. They also work as a useful reference library. I highly recommend TetraLogical's self-led training course service.
- Sarah Corney, Head of Digital Experience

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You can experience our training for yourself by completing a module from Building a business case for accessibility (Opens in new tab/window), soon to be released in full.

Our promotion

When you want to give your teams the knowledge they need to make accessibility part of everything they do, our self-led training helps you do it at scale.

Buy five courses, get one free. Buy ten courses, get two free!

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Choose five or ten of the following courses:

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If you buy five courses, you can choose one of the following for free, ten courses, and you’ll get both for free:

Each course is provided as a series of SCORM 1.2 packages. These can then be imported into your Learning Management System (LMS). Each course and its content remains copyright TetraLogical, but is indefinitely licensed to you for use for its intended purpose. The courses will not be updated or maintained once delivered though we can put in place a maintenance agreement if you would like.

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